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Last week we had a great time at school celebrating ENGLISH DAYS.

- We coloured the UNION JACK.

- We decorated the corridors and the classes with underground station sings, telephone boxes and photos of London,

- We listened to english music,

- We learned a little bit about cookies,

- and, of course, we enjoyed the play "Once upon a time"!


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Concert at LH4B class

Today some of our classmates have done a great concert at class!!!! 
They have prepared some songs at home and they have performed at class! They have carried their instruments, they explained the characteristics and they played a lot! In some case, we have sung with them!
Briefly you will have a video of this experiment, but now, I sent you some photos ! Enjoy them!

Thanks for Txaber for his participation!!!



Binbili bonbolo

In music, we have been working BINBILI BONBOLO basque song and here our performance!