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Last week we had a great time at school celebrating English Days! We went to the theater and enjoyed the play "Witches and Cookies". It was great!

Apart from that, we decorated the walls, windows and doors with British flags, underground station signs and more things.
Here you have some pictures, enjoy! 

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Concert at LH4B class

Today some of our classmates have done a great concert at class!!!! 
They have prepared some songs at home and they have performed at class! They have carried their instruments, they explained the characteristics and they played a lot! In some case, we have sung with them!
Briefly you will have a video of this experiment, but now, I sent you some photos ! Enjoy them!

Thanks for Txaber for his participation!!!



Binbili bonbolo

In music, we have been working BINBILI BONBOLO basque song and here our performance!